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Last Saturday, the annual summer music festival in Biddulph Moor brought together bands and fans from all over the country. Music spanning every genre was performed and applauded, but one band stood apart as something quite different, and managed to energise a tired and cold audience into a sixties-shaking, pogo-jumping bunch of Biddulph boppers.

Mod Life Crisis are four local lads whose background and musical prowess only enhances their eclectic set list of Mod, Northern Soul, Motown and Sixties music.

The inspired coupling of the Hammond organ and energetic drumming in Green Onions was something to be remembered, if not recorded. Loose, funky bass notes married with clear, but raunchy riffs from the lead guitar in Keep On Running preceded a voice you are sure you have heard before, in That’s Entertainment. These guys are a covers band that take one step forward in a line up, and are currently working on their first album, which includes a majority of their original material. For more information on gigs, visit .


Lee Kincart


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